Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

A Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan Protects Your Business

Whether it’s a simple as a crashed server, or more concerning like a temporary evacuation due to fire or tornado threat, or worse yet, a complete relocation due to a natural disaster, you need a disaster recovery solution for your IT environment. That includes frequent and reliable backups of your business data — and at a secure offsite data storage facility — and the opportunity to remote access your data to keep your business running.

Global Data Vault’s Cloud Disaster Recovery solution provides true disaster recovery of data for the small and the big events that threaten your company, all in a single managed service. Our data protection includes encryption and offsite data storage at GDV’s data centers. Additionally, the service is monitored and customers are contacted whenever maintenance or reconfiguration is required.


GDV’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution is deployed as shown here with a local backup appliance which includes redundant hot-swappable enterprise class drives.

5-Minute Video Overview

Backup Online

  • Backup online to our secure offsite data storage as often as every 15 minutes. An agent is installed on each server and workstation to be protected. An initial data load is normally made to a GDV supplied portable data device which is shipped back to GDV. Subsequent backups are done remotely and incremental, so that you have seamless access to all data at each time point.
  • Data is securely transmitted and stored offsite, as well as on the local backup appliance.
  • A local backup appliance enables reliable backups and fast local recovery of data.
  • Works with SQL and Exchange servers and any VSS compliant applications.
  • Incremental technology backups up only changed sectors after the initial data load, ensuring rapid and efficient backups at all times.

Disaster Recovery Failover

When a failure or other incident prevents access to your primary IT infrastructure, a complete infrastructure is rebuilt and is operational within sixty minutes using virtual machine technology. The disaster recovery environment is hosted at GDV’s offsite data storage on an enterprise class VMWare server farm in a secure data center.

  • Recovery points can be chosen from 15 minute intervals over 7 days or daily intervals prior to that.
  • Servers are isolated in their own Virtual Network and firewalled for security. One or more workstations running the required applications, are included in the disaster recovery solution.
  • Once the primary environment is operational again, or rebuilt, the data can be “failed back” to it from GDV’s data center with minimal downtime.
  • Quarterly testing of the disaster recovery environment and the local backup appliance is included.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Provides Assured Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery is available for any Windows Server 2003 or newer, including Exchange, SQL and SBS. It supports redirected DNS records for web sites and email upon failover.
  • This solution will grow with your business because it is easy to add servers or workstations.
  • Restore points as per backup intervals are shown below. They are much faster and better than tape backup, and also offer instant restore at multiple restore points including full Disaster Recovery Failover.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution Diagram

Installation Overview

  • Simple installation guided by our support team
  • Easily view protection status after installation in our new customer protection status portal

In earlier releases we called this Advanced Data Protection.