Try This Interactive Disaster Map

Try This Interactive Disaster Map

doomsday preppers map

Any hurricane is cause for alarm and we’re glad hurricane Arthur dissolved without hugely significant damage to the US as compared to some of Arthur’s predecessors.  However, the chances of another hurricane striking that same area are noteworthy as based on our research portrayed within this infographic.

As you can see, we are enthusiastic about maps layered with data, and the interesting hypotheses that can be made from them. Because we are in the business of disaster recovery, we are especially intrigued by maps that illustrate high risk areas for natural disasters. It should serve as no surprise that when we found this interactive map from National Geographic, we just had to share it.

Called a “Doomsday Disaster Map,” it’s probably the inspiration for numerous future Hollywood blockbusters. It’s no wonder the map is the basis for NatGeo’s primetime show called “Doomsday Preppers.” The show features “ordinary” people who are preparing for the end of the world through many ingenious – and extreme — means.

Whether you tune into the show or not, this map is an engaging examination of how different disasters could unfold across the US. With a few clicks you can speculate how a super volcano in Yellowstone, a mega earthquake, an agriculture collapse, solar flare, nuclear fallout, or even a pandemic may affect you.  Interesting at the least, memorable for sure.

These are exactly the type opf scenarios that we advise preparing for with a cloud disaster recovery plan. We apologize in advance if you are awake at 3 a.m. still thinking about it, but take a look.


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