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Even Tornados are No Match for a Disaster Recovery Solution like Global Data Vault

Why Rug Doctor Calls GDV the Real Disaster Recovery Solution


“… within 2 hours they had all four servers set up in a virtual environment.”

Tornado season is coming to a close for most of the country, but it hasn’t been without event. We never like to hear of a major tornado affecting any of our clients, but when it does, we’re happy that we can help them maintain their business operations with little to no interruption.

This video features one of our customers, Rug Doctor, a national leader in hot water extraction carpet-cleaning machines and supporting products. Rug Doctor has a major plant facility in the heart of Tornado Alley, in Fenton, Missouri, plus they have 35 warehouse distribution points and service centers around the US. Additionally, their international operations include a manufacturing facility in the UK and warehouse distribution in Canada, Puerto Rico, Australian and 20 other countries. All of those locations rely on connectivity to the main office to keep their operations running smoothly.

In 2013, a tornado went directly over Fenton causing considerable damage to Rug Doctor infrastructure there. With 30 servers running in their server environment and handling over 3 million transactions a year it is easy to understand the commercial devastation that could have been caused when the May 18–21, 2013 tornado outbreak resulted in the destruction of the warehouse and lossof their computer room. Luckily Rug Doctor has been a Global Data Vault since 2010. Watch this one minute video to hear Bill Ellis, Manager of IT Infrastructure for Rug Doctor, explain what happened that day and just why he calls Global Data Vault the ‘real disaster recovery solution’.

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