9 Things to Ask About Online Data Storage

Everyday people are becoming more and more digital from photos, scanned documents for paperless offices and computer files, our appetite for electronic mediums is growing by leaps and bounds. And with that growth is an ever growing importance protecting that information. Businesses can be destroyed by natural disaster if an appropriate means of backing up … Continued

Could Advance Data Protection Save Japan’s Core Businesses?

The devastation in Japan of this week has been beyond comprehension for most Americans. The events of the earthquake, followed by the tsunami and now the nuclear meltdown have conjured images of disaster and loss that are difficult for us to wrap our head around. As a company that insures business continuity, we can’t help … Continued

Chase.com Outage

16 Million users are unable to get to their bank accounts online. Chase is telling us they are doing scheduled maintenance – that’s clearly not true. Speculation is that scheduled maintenance went horribly wrong leading to database corruption and tape restores were required. See Jacob Jegher’s insightful blog post. If you rely on tape, you … Continued

Can IT learn from BP disaster in the Gulf?

Can IT learn from BP disaster in the Gulf?

As we build more complex systems like the Deep Water Horizon Rig, the potential for things to go catastrophically wrong increases – dramatically. As industries and products mature they do become more stable, examples are cars and atomic power. But oil exploration and information technology are, every day, pushing into new territory. These sectors have … Continued

How Do You Define and Manage Access Controls?

Access control permits or denies a user access to information, systems or resources. It allows an organization to effectively manage, track and audit disclosure of information. What are the primary objectives of access controls? Access control maintains and safeguards confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, systems and resources:

Virginia Prescription Records Stolen and Held for Ransom

Virginia Prescription Records Stolen and Held for Ransom

This one is hard to believe, but true. According to Wikileaks and as reported by the Washington Post, On Thursday, April 30, the secure site for the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) was replaced with a $US10M ransom demand. The PMP is used by pharmacists and others to discover prescription drug abuse.