Could Advance Data Protection Save Japan’s Core Businesses?

The devastation in Japan of this week has been beyond comprehension for most Americans. The events of the earthquake, followed by the tsunami and now the nuclear meltdown have conjured images of disaster and loss that are difficult for us to wrap our head around. As a company that insures business continuity, we can’t help … Continued

How Do You Define and Manage Access Controls?

Access control permits or denies a user access to information, systems or resources. It allows an organization to effectively manage, track and audit disclosure of information. What are the primary objectives of access controls? Access control maintains and safeguards confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, systems and resources:

Business Pandemic Plan – Are You Prepared?

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 due to the spread of the H1N1 virus.  The virus, also known as Swine Flu, has rapidly established itself and will continue to persist in the coming months as the virus continues to move through susceptible populations. … Continued

Pandemic and Business Continuity

Schools across the nation have started closing their doors in hopes of minimizing the spread of swine flu.  Roberta Witty, research VP for Gartner, said that it is reasonable for managers to expect absenteeism rates of 40 percent or higher in their own companies or among suppliers and partners, resulting in severe operational disruptions. Not … Continued

Business Continuity Planning : Supporting Staff, Post Disaster

When disaster strikes, not only can it impact the workplace, but what occurs outside of the office as well.  Encouraging employees to prepare for emergency situations can help individuals and families greatly reduce the impact a disaster might have on their lives. 

Global Data Vault Selected for Interop Net

Global Data Vault Selected for Interop Net

Interop, held this year May 19-21 in Las Vegas and November 18-19 in New York, is the leading global technology event, with the most comprehensive IT Conference and Exhibition available. Interop Show Floor, courtesy: The Photo Group 2008 The InteropNet provides reliable, high-speed networking services for exhibitors, conference rooms and attendees, built in collaboration with … Continued