The Four Critical Components of Data Centers

If you’re online, you’re connected to a data center somehow. All sizes of business today rely heavily on data centers for business continuity. By backing up their data to a remote location, companies mitigate their potential for loss due to a hack or other disastrous event. But what is it really, a “data center?” What’s … Continued

Bring it Zombies!

Take deep breaths. I can see you shaking after listening to the forecast of events which may in fact, threaten our very human existence. The world is ending this afternoon. And if by some miracle we make it through that rapturous event, we’re surely going to be gobbled up during the Zombie Apocalypse. This is … Continued

Could Advance Data Protection Save Japan’s Core Businesses?

The devastation in Japan of this week has been beyond comprehension for most Americans. The events of the earthquake, followed by the tsunami and now the nuclear meltdown have conjured images of disaster and loss that are difficult for us to wrap our head around. As a company that insures business continuity, we can’t help … Continued

Natural Disaster Threats, Data Protection

Natural Disaster Threats, Data Protection

Wouldn’t it be nice to know about the previous weather-related events that have taken place in your area?  This might spark another question of how susceptible the area where you and/or your business reside is to disasters such as earthquakes and intense storms.  With help from the Pacific Disaster Center, Global Data Vault created the Natural … Continued

7.8 Magnitude "Shakeout" in California Yesterday

Yesterday the United States Geological Survey (USGS) conducted a “Shakeout” drill in which a magnitude 7.8 earthquake was simulated in Southern California. USGS states: “Although imaginary, the Shakeout Scenario is based on scientists’ best predictions of what would actually occur during and after a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.” Such a quake is … Continued