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Hacking Threat and Data Protection

If you’re thinking, “No one would want my company information, we’re never going to be a target of a hacker,” you’ll need to get your head examined and prepare for the worst. Hackers are attacking everyone from the little mommy bloggers to the US Government’s top information technology provider.

It’s no longer about IF you get hacked, but when. Everyone is vulnerable to the new breed of hackers prowling the Internet.

If you’re still not convinced, remember back in May when Lockheed Martin suffered an attack on its servers in its gargantuan Gaithersburg data center? That was made possible by an earlier and seemingly unfathomable security breach of RSAs popular public-key cryptography algorithm system that you see hanging from key chains everywhere.

It’s believed that the hackers entered Lockheed Martin’s VPN network which allows employees to connect virtually over any public network (VPN) to the company’s primary servers. Considering they are protecting a repository of US government military information, fighter aircraft details, the naval combat system and the THAAD missile defense, that’s a pretty big freakin’ deal. LM claims to have caught the hack nearly immediately and was able to protect any data loss.

Yep, that’s where your radar should start to blink. Hackers who get a hold of your system can not only wreck havoc on your system, but can cause a tremendous amount of data loss. And every business has data to protect. Including yours.

Lockheed Martin claims they have 1 million “incidents” a day from attacks on their system. There’s a growing sentiment among the blogosphere that Go Daddy is leaving their hosting clients vulnerable to a higher proportion of hack attacks.

And forget your vision of a single guy sitting behind a computer screen and trying to crack into your site. No, the hackers create spiders to search for known vulnerabilities on trusted and seasoned sites to find a back door in.

You’re thinking, “I don’t have any information that they could get a hold of.” Maybe not, but hackers will hijack the site to create thousand of links pointed at other sites to get them to the top of search engine results. And let’s just says that they are most likely not the type of sites you want to be associated with…

So from massive data center security breaches to your own website, it’s more important than ever to employ advanced data protection techniques, back up your encrypted data in more than one location and to do it frequently – not relying on human behavior to do so, but to automate it. So that when you are hacked, you can recover quickly and not face an insurmountable business loss.

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