Data Recovery Case Study | Find how and why these companies were able to survive disaster with their data intact.

Critical Exchange Server Recovery Case Study

This short video features one of our resellers, Brian Childers of Comport Consulting Group, ( a company that provides clients with solutions to improve profitability and efficiency through the deployment of process and technology solutions, including IT strategy, IT executive advisory, SaaS and cloud computing. Comport has worked with Global Data Vault as a reseller for 7 years.

One of Comport Consulting Group’s clients is a large suburban municipality providing state of the art services for its citizens including fire, police, parks and recreation, animal services, libraries, schools, and more. Unfortunately, the municipality lost their Exchange Server, not only halting these various government operations but also the efficiency of the police department and first responders. As Brian says “In a situation where the first responders are not getting their communications that can mean the difference between life and death.”

Brian goes on to describe getting in touch with Global Data Vault and what happened next, “Recovery happened immediately and they had the server rebuilt and restores in two hours. That is very impressive”

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