Cloud Storage is a crucial business service which ensures data security and data protection and recovery in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Disaster Recovery – Where’s the Beef?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 27 years since Wendy’s launched its now world-famous, TV ad series known simply as “Where’s the Beef?”

First airing on January 10, 1984, the original commercial titled, “Fluffy Bun,” featured three elderly ladies examining an exaggeratedly large hamburger bun topped with a minuscule hamburger patty from a fictional competitor who’s slogan is “Home of the Big Bun.” The other two ladies poked at it searching for the small bit of hamburger beneath, exchanging bemused comments (“It certainly is a big bun. It’s a very big bun. It’s a big fluffy bun. It’s a very big fluffy bun.”) before being interrupted by actress Clara Peller’s outraged, irascible question, “Where’s the beef?!”

Global Data Vault believes that we’re seeing the same thing in Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions – a great deal of fluff, but not much beef. So what is the metaphorical “beef” of disaster recovery?Where's the beef?

Let’s start with what it is not:

  • The “beef” is not cloud storage
  • The “beef” is not virtual machines
  • The “beef” is not user interfaces
  • Or bare metal recovery
  • Or compression or data deduplication
  • Or local appliances

These are ingredients to the perfect “burger” or cloud disaster recovery solution. Much like when you order corn flakes in a restaurant – you don’t have a meal until you get some milk. They are components to the recipe that enhance the flavor, but not the cornerstone ingredient.

Global Data Vault believes that the real “beef: is found in two simple measurements: Restore Point Objective (RPO) and Restore Time Objective (RTO).

Your RPO is the measure of how current (or how late) is your data when you need it for a real recovery. RTO is the measure of how long it will take before your systems are working at full capacity in the aftermath of a disaster or other event requiring a recovery.

Global Data Vault consistently provides most current RPO and the fastest RTO to our customers. We achieve high quality in our solutions through the unique and innovative systems we have developed over the past 10 years.

Our systems enable Global Data Vault to deliver real BEEF in our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution.

Join us for our 8-part series on our blog where each week, we’ll post more details about what it takes to deliver a true working Cloud Disaster Recovery solution – the beef. Make it easy on yourself: We’ll deliver a synopsis of this discussion to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter (see sign-up on the right) or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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