An essential component of any advanced data protection is its ability to provide reliable failover capabilities.

Disaster Recovery Data Failover

Business Continuity Planning – Internet Security

Practicing Internet Security Security is an issue for almost every computer user, especially those who frequently use the internet.  Computers have become an integral part of everyday life and act as the lifeblood for many critical business operations.  It doesn’t matter how safe you think you are; every computer is vulnerable to a wide range … Continued

Global Data Vault Selected for Interop Net

Global Data Vault Selected for Interop Net

Interop, held this year May 19-21 in Las Vegas and November 18-19 in New York, is the leading global technology event, with the most comprehensive IT Conference and Exhibition available. Interop Show Floor, courtesy: The Photo Group 2008 The InteropNet provides reliable, high-speed networking services for exhibitors, conference rooms and attendees, built in collaboration with … Continued

White House Email Down

White House Email Down

The Washington Post is reporting this afternoon that the White House E-Mail system has been down for several hours. As a consequence, newly enacted Executive Orders are being photocopied and have been left sitting on a table outside the briefing room. The Press Office is making use of a loudspeaker system. That is what is … Continued

Business Continuity Planning – Involving Employees in Emergency Planning

Employee Involvement in Emergency Planning Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is an enormous project that cannot be completed by one person alone.  It is essential that your project involve employees at each level so that everyone can prepare and protect all aspects of the business.  Instead of formulating a roster of your employees right … Continued

7.8 Magnitude "Shakeout" in California Yesterday

Yesterday the United States Geological Survey (USGS) conducted a “Shakeout” drill in which a magnitude 7.8 earthquake was simulated in Southern California. USGS states: “Although imaginary, the Shakeout Scenario is based on scientists’ best predictions of what would actually occur during and after a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.” Such a quake is … Continued