Disaster Messaging Basics

Disaster Messaging Basics

We at Global Data Vault are sticklers for disaster planning. And we think you should be too. So we’re sharing this fascinating and valuable white paper by Everbridge, “Message Mapping and the Six Stages of Crisis” that we think is essential for every CEO  to read before putting together his/her company’s disaster recovery plan. Think … Continued

Hacking Threat and Data Protection

If you’re thinking, “No one would want my company information, we’re never going to be a target of a hacker,” you’ll need to get your head examined and prepare for the worst. Hackers are attacking everyone from the little mommy bloggers to the US Government’s top information technology provider. It’s no longer about IF you … Continued

Business Continuity Services Alliance

Global Data Vault is pleased to announce we have formed a new strategic alliance with The Global Continuity Advisors (TGCA), a premier provider of global business continuity, disaster recovery, and data protection consulting services. This agreement will enable GDV to make available for its customers and resellers the entire suite

Strategic Alliance with Cloud Data

Global Data Vault is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Cloud Data, LTD (UK). Global Data Vault and Cloud Data are service providers addressing business continuity and data protection needs for customers in the small-to-medium business (SMB) and small-to-medium enterprise (SME) space. This agreement will leverage

Find Global Data Vault on Facebook

Find Global Data Vault on Facebook

Global Data Vault can now be found on Facebook.  This gives GDV the opportunity and the ability to reach out to new customers while staying connected to existing customers. The Facebook page will be frequently updated with blog posts and product updates about Cloud Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup and Cloud Archive.  The discussion board also … Continued

Business Continuity Planning : Supporting Staff, Post Disaster

When disaster strikes, not only can it impact the workplace, but what occurs outside of the office as well.  Encouraging employees to prepare for emergency situations can help individuals and families greatly reduce the impact a disaster might have on their lives.