Can we get some cheers for GDV enhancements coming your way?

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As a GDV customer, you’re already enjoying a truly unique offering that protects both physical and virtual servers. This is special bonus for those making the gradual transition from physical to virtual servers, and we have two more services coming your way that we think you’ll be pretty excited about.

Enhancement 1: Extended Data Retention

Ever wish you could go back in time when things were simpler, gas was cheaper and your computer network functioned without the (fill in the blank) recent hitch that just corrupted it? Now you can.

While we don’t have a time machine that works for gas prices, we have created a time machine of sorts for your files and data. We’re introducing a unique extended data retention policy that lets us keep weekly restore points for all our disaster recovery customers – forever.

Weekly restore points can be a godsend when a file or database gets corrupted by a virus, hardware problem or something gets deleted without notice until weeks or even months later. Now instead of firing the person who deleted the crucial data, you can simply go back in time to restore it to your system.

You’ll be able to go back in time as far as you wish, with monthly restore points available for the entire length of time you’ve been our customer. It applies with your virtual infrastructure as well as your virtual machines. We have developed an extremely efficient way to do this that doesn’t require colossal storage infrastructures, a one-of-a-kind development that no one else offers.

Enhancement 2: PC and Notebook Protection

Protecting your main fort is good, but protecting your main fort and your outposts is even better. We’re going to do both, providing PC and notebook protection for customers who already enjoy our virtual server protection. This additional protection comes with no additional licensing fees; the only additional cost is any increase in storage capacity which we believe to be minimal.

That storage increase will be kept at bay as all of the storage will be de-duplicated. That means if you have 100 PCs running Windows 8 and Office, the storage requirement for those systems is equivalent to one copy. Restore capabilities for these devices range from single-file restores all the way to full bare metal restores.

We’re launching both enhancements in early 2015.

Part of our mission is to continue to grow, develop and discover new methods to make our services even better and our customers even happier. Cheers!

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