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Business Continuity Planning : Supporting Staff, Post Disaster

When disaster strikes, not only can it impact the workplace, but what occurs outside of the office as well.  Encouraging employees to prepare for emergency situations can help individuals and families greatly reduce the impact a disaster might have on their lives.  This enables workers to get back to their routines faster and will ultimately aid in the speedy recovery of the entire organization.

Everyone is different, and some individuals may have special needs following a disaster.  For instance, someone who experienced a damaging flood might have to relocate themselves, as well as their family, to a new home.  This type of disaster would understandably require additional time from which to recover.  Because the staff is essentially the backbone of your business, it is vital to be prepared to provide support for employees following disasters and emergency situations.

Encourage employees to rest and indulge in the right foods and recreation that enables recovery.

If needed, allow additional time at home to tend to family matters.

Establish an open-door policy that allows employees to seek the appropriate care when needed.

Create an environment that allows employees to talk amongst each other about fears and hopes related to the disaster.  Openly sharing with others has been known to promote speedy personal recovery.

Give employees assurance that affected families will be supported in some form or another.  A terrible disaster has the power to entirely consume anyone involved, especially when it has an impact on one’s family.

Try to re-establish normal routines as soon as possible.  This aids in recovery by providing employees with an opportunity to be active and return to a sense of normalcy.

Make it easy for employees to speak with professional counselors to discuss their fears and concerns.

After receiving all the important details and instructions regarding the disaster, limit radio, television and other elements that may act as distractions or stresses.

Tend to your own needs.  Provide all the help you can for the staff, but make sure to take care of yourself as well.  As a leader, your personal health and ability to recover from the disaster is important to your employees and the family members who love you.

Your staff play an important role in the success of your business.  By ensuring that they have individually recovered from the disaster, you can return to prosperous business as usual.

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