Cloud Storage is a crucial business service which ensures data security and data protection and recovery in the event of a disaster.

Announcing Advanced Data Protection

Global Data Vault announces the next generation in disaster recovery solutions: Advanced Data Protection, which combines backup and failover delivered remotely as a service, at a break-through price.

There are five common IT failures that every organization faces:

  • Loss of files, folders, or emails
  • Loss of an entire database such as SQL server or Exchange
  • Loss of an entire server from a software problem
  • Loss of an entire server due to a hardware failure
  • Loss of the entire IT infrastructure

Advanced Data Protection has been developed by Global Data Vault as a solution for small to mid-sized businesses.  Global Data Vault can recover lost information in, AT MOST, one hour.  Advanced Data Protection offers remote backup AND failover.  The service, which is built on an enterprise class infrastructure, is priced for small businesses, starting at $75 per month for each server. Reseller programs are also available.  The combination of remote backup AND failover, along with an unbeatable price, gives GDV a unique solution.

Advanced Data Protection allows users to recover quickly if any of the five data failures occur.  For example, if a software problem, such as a virus, infects an entire server, GDV will bring a replica of the affected server online until the data can be restored locally.  Additionally, GDV will overnight media to use to restore the server. Global Data Vault is able to tackle obstacles ranging from loss of smaller amounts of data, such as files and emails, to the loss of an entire office.

One key aspect to note about GDV is that backup information is offsite and encrypted.  This allows for more efficient data movement.  Large databases, such as SQL, Exchange, and any VSS compliant applications are able to be recovered in the event of corruption or accidental deletion.  To ensure maximum security, Global Data Vault has two data centers – one in Dallas at the Dallas Infomart and one in London at the London Global Switch.

GDV has been chosen as the sponsor and official disaster recovery supplier for InteropNet, the leading global technology event, with the most comprehensive IT conference and exhibition available. The next conference will be held on May 17-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To learn more about see Advanced Data Protection, click here.

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